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was established in the mid ‘50s under the name Marcel Poirier et Filsas an excavation and transportation-oriented company focusing on agricultural concerns and road construction. In December 1973, NMP Golf Construction officially becomes incorporated. From these diverse operations, solving drainage issues emerged as an NMP specialty which led, in the late ‘80s, to working on golf course renovations.

Just as the marketplace has changed in the intervening years, so has NMP Golf Construction with its broader and improved range of products and services linked not only to golf but to many other sports activities. Thus NMP also builds and renovates soccer pitches, baseball, football and softball fields, athletics tracks, etc. NMP also offers landscaping services and environmental restoration, construction of sports buildings, outfitting of stadium bleachers, planning and management of sports construction projects.

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  • They entered the facilities and continued to operate in a very quiet, efficient and professional manner and leave the facilities in a condition that sometimes you don’t even realize they’ve been there and that’s a wonderful wonderful feature. Our most important thing here at the club is not making birdies and not making pars nor not making eagles but making friends, and we found a real friend in NMP.

    Denzil Palmer, The Royal Montreal Golf Club

  • A company like NMP on site who’s done so much work at Royal Montreal and many other clubs since I mentioned before, it’s very comforting the fact that you know that first of all they’re gonna be on time, they’re gonna be on budget and once again you know that the care that they’ll take with your property is in the best of care.

    Bob Hogarth, The Royal Montreal Golf Club

  • The attention to detail as far as to where the tees were placed, the greensides were placed, it gives a person an entire great day to look around and really forget where they are.

    Nate Clingersmith, The Club at Bond Head

  • Really hands on, finished one hole then moved to the next. If something wasn’t right they shaped it and fixed it until it suited his eye and then moved on which you don’t get at a lot of courses when they design it’s pretty much the X number of dollars to spend on one hole and on to the next and they don’t really take the attention to detail which is required to make sure one hole is finished all perfectly before moving on to the next.

    Matthew Wentzell, The Club at Bond Head

  • To have them come out here and say we need to keep all the native plant material, we need to keep the pitwalls, we need to retain the integrity of what we have here and not forget that it’s a gravel pit, and work that into the design. It’s great for us because it gives us a unique product.

    Jake Riekstins, Wyndance Golf Club

  • They’ve been very very careful to make sure that all of the plantings are native to this area, not just to the province but to this specific area, they’ve incorporated drought tolerant plants so that over the years our use of water will be diminished.

    Susan Fedorka, Wyndance Golf Club

  • They left the environment and built the golf course in around it instead of saying I’m building a golf course and everything else gets out of my way.

    Alison Miller, Raven Golf Club at Lora Bay

  • NMP representatives treated our project as they were the owners.  For example, we had some cost challenges [..]. Although this was not NMP’s responsibility, they were the ones to suggest a logical solution. Extras are often a challenge when dealing with large multi-million dollar projects.  NMP’s approach was direct and refreshing. The quality of work provided by NMP and their affiliates were top notch and North Bay is very proud of the Steve Omischl Complex largely due to the work of NMP Golf Construction Inc.

    Jerry D. Knox, Chief Administrative Officer, City of North Bay


Voici comment on fête la St-Valentin chez NMP Golf Construction et avec un gagnant d'une carte cadeau Visa de 100$ en prix de présence!


NMP having a sweet time at the 2023 GCSAA Conference and Trade Show in Orlando, FL!