About Us

NMP GOLF CONSTRUCTION Inc. was established in the mid ‘50s under the name Marcel Poirier et Fils, as an excavation and transportation-oriented company focusing on agricultural concerns and road construction. In December 1973, NMP Golf Construction officially becomes incorporated. From these diverse operations, solving drainage issues emerged as an NMP specialty which led, in the late ‘80s, to working on golf course renovations.


Just as the marketplace has changed in the intervening years, so has NMP Golf Construction with its broader and improved range of products and services linked not only to golf but to many other sports activities. Thus NMP also builds and renovates soccer pitches, baseball, football and softball fields, athletics tracks, etc. NMP also offers landscaping services and environmental restoration, construction of sports buildings, outfitting of stadium bleachers, planning and management of sports construction projects.

NMP has further diversified its activities since 1959 by entering the snow removal business, first by renting out its equipment, then, starting in 1987, by obtaining its first snow removal contract with the City of Montreal, where it is still in operation today. In 2008, NMP expands its territory by offering commercial and residential snow removal services in the area of Beloeil and Mont-Saint-Hilaire. With its extensive experience and reputation as a quality service provider, NMP is also equipped with a large fleet of machinery and about thirty employees dedicated to snow removal operations.


NMP has grown, developed, diversified and improved.

NMP, a SME family business, has to heart to carry out and spread its core values and philosophy to every area of expertise. This philosophy revolves around three key elements: employees, clients, and the environment. Accomplishing high quality projects using innovative technologies while respecting our clients’ interests, safeguarding our employees’ welfare and respecting the environment.


More specifically, this can be conveyed by such sustainable gestures as the preservation and integration of natural habitats, the preservation and conservation of water resources, and installing barriers to prevent the propagation of sediments in the water when stripping the ground, although not mandatory.


In conclusion, the guiding principle of NMP GOLF CONSTRUCTION is to be proactive in exploiting new technologies, while not forgetting traditions and achievements.


A family company open to participation and partnership.

« That NMP be recognized as a leader in golf course construction work, having the reputation, high level of expertise, tools and skills to continue to be well known for its quality product and ensure the timelessness of its succession ».

To be an innovative enterprise for its services in the golf and sports industry.


To provide people with work and aid them in their financial success as well as in providing them with the necessary tools to accomplish their goals.

To help the individual evolve, and through work, care for their family.

While prioritizing the individual, to balance personal needs and profitability.

To take care of its clients with superior expertise in a profitable way.

To continuously help the individual to achieve happiness.


They are based essentially on respect, on the development of a sense of belonging and commitment while relying on great integrity.